Wiskunde.af is an app that motivates, supports and rewards students for doing their homework.

It's the best homework app on the market.


Homework on a tablet

Kids today grow up swiping and pinching extremely useful apps. We will bring that to Math homework. We will enable students to do their math homework on their tablets with less effort.

Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition never made so much sense! Using your finger or a stylus, our software handles the complete alphabet and all math symbols with ease. A simple fraction or a complex formula, it just works. We don't like to brag but you won't find a better of faster way
anywhere ;-)

(should you prefer a traditional keyboard, we support those as well)

Step by step validation

Math is all about breaking complex problems into smaller steps. Therefore step validation is crucial. We validate each step individually so students immediately see if and where they made a mistake.

Hints & clear explanations

Our hints help the student if they need it. Each assignment has its own specific hints and tips. We avoid generic explanations, in favor of assignment specific hints and tips. This keeps the attention level high and helps them to truly comprehend the subject matter.


No matter how we spin it, homework will always be considered a chore, but we can help make it less cumbersome. We believe in immediate feedback and rewards, and have build our App around those principles. Gamification helps increase motivation and performance. Earn rewards and points and compare your score against your friends, class of even the entire school.


What subject does a student do well at and where do they need help? Traditionally the school systeem relies on standardised testing to determine that. From our perspective that's too late. The faster the better! Our analytics help students, teachers and parents to determine where help is needed.

We can help before bad scores are accumulated.

...and there is much more!

Be patient...


No matter how we spin it, homework is a chore, but it has to be done. We help you get it done faster and better but with less effort so you get better grades. Guaranteed. Our analytics help you show to your parents and teachers you're in control, and deserve some freedom and time to enjoy the real fun things in life.


As parents we all want 1 thing; the best for your child. Homework helps children but it can be a daily struggle. The rewards and immediate feedback in our App helps children stay motivated. Our objective is to create an App that is so helpful it will create an intrinsic motivation for them to do their homework. That is not going to be easy, and it will take constant improvement and many iterations, but we will get there.


With bigger classes and ever increasing workloads it isn't getting any easier to ensure each students gets the attention it requires. We help you by providing you constant and immediate feedback on your students performance. So you can assist and tutor them before and not after they failed their tests. We help you prepare and personalize lessons faster then ever before.


Stay informed

The development of the math.done App is ongoing. Please leave your email address if you want to stay informed.